Friday, June 13, 2008

First 24 hours at home

We've been home about 24 hours now, and I'd like to tell you that we're settling in, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. It's certainly been interesting. We came home about 12:00 yesterday with three little boys and three grandparents (Lorrie's mom and my parents), and it was the first time James & Ryan had seen my parents since March.

I have a new theory about the energy level in a house when grandparents are present. You know that when a grandparent shows up, the energy level rises, and appropriately so. The catch is that the presence of each additional grandparent increases that energy level exponentially. Our house was running about 8x our normal energy level over lunch yesterday, and it took a toll on everyone. We even forgot to give my dad his father's day present before he left (Dad, we'll catch you on the way back or ship it to you!).

Last night was pretty tough. Andrew ate well, but he didn't sleep very much; I took the brunt of that and was up until about 3:30 or so with him, changing a few diapers, burping him, bringing him to Lorrie so he could eat. He finally drifted off sometime after 4:00, after Lorrie fed him that time. Today has been a different story so far; he is still eating well, and he's slept a lot, too. It's given me a chance to spend some good time with Ryan (while James was at camp). This afternoon, I think James and I are going down to the field to practice a little t-ball.

I promise I'll post some more pictures soon.

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Kate said...

I hope that the last month or so has gone a little more smoothly than the first 24 hours! I am sure that the juggling has gotten slightly easier.